FIRE RANT: The Complicated Case of Sha’ Carri Richardson

So, I believe that even if you aren’t a big sports fan that you have probably heard of budding Olympian sprinter, Sha’Carri Richardson.  You know, the 21-year-old that just qualified for women’s 100M for the Tokyo Olympics a few weeks back.  Well, she tested positive for marijuana and has now been suspended for a month, so she has been removed from competing in at least 1 event later this month.  Unlike most athletes, Sha’Carri has quickly owned up to the decision to smoke the weed and said that she used the drug to help her cope with getting over the death of her mother.  So naturally, there are folks outraged that something like weed that is now legalized like in many places across the USA is something that’s holding an athlete back from competing.  Though, I must add that the NFL has a similar policy that has derailed and suspended players like wide receiver, Josh Gordon, and defensive end, Randy Gregory, multiple times.  Therefore, the policy isn’t a secret and I’m sure there’s probably other sports at professional, collegiate, and lower that have rules in place against using drugs.  My take is that Richardson chose to violate the policy and knew the consequences.  Therefore, I’m not among the folks complaining that “the man” is trying to hold her back.  Regardless of her reason for the actions, she admitted she was guilty.  At our jobs and or society if we broke a rule, we likely would be held accountable if we were caught.  Sports shouldn’t be treated any different, its privilege to play a game not some God-given right.  In the end, Richardson may still get to compete in the Tokyo Olympics in another event and maybe even still medal unless she violates policy again.  So maybe both sides of the argument still get their desired result.

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