FIRE RANT: Rachel Nichols Diversity Rant Drama

Everyone has been talking about the leaked video of Rachel Nichols complaining about ESPN suggesting she give up her 2020 NBA Finals hosting gig to Maria Taylor, a black woman.  The rant is really an audio of conversation Rachel was having with a colleague while accidentally leaving the recording button on.  A lot of the things Rachel said were actually true.  ESPN doesn’t have the best diversity record as they’ve had several high-profile minorities like Jemele Hill, Michael Smith, Cari Champion, and I’m sure there are more that have left the company under less than great circumstances the past several years.  It’s also understandable that a person wouldn’t want to lose their job opportunity for a lesser role to anyone without factoring race into the equation.  As my Economics of Discrimination class taught me, people in general are naturally jealous.  Most people think every opportunity is owed to them and when they don’t get it or get it taken away, they look for reasons beyond themselves for why the undesired result happened.  Sometimes the quickest excuse outside yourself is gender, race, age, and or sexual orientation.  I think people will rarely admit someone was simply better than them and if they do that won’t be the first conclusion they come to.  Basically, what I’m saying is everyone is up in arms about someone being mad that their boss is trying to take their preferred job away and give it to someone else.  Hourly employees in unions get mad when someone does their job.  People get made when jobs get outsourced overseas.  Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers has been angry for two years about possibly losing his job eventually to 2nd year quarterback Jordan Love that was drafted in 2020. Why are we slamming Rachel for not wanting to happily give up her sports reporting gig?  How many of us have said worse than what Rachel Nichols has said behind closed doors to family, friends, and even co-workers?  I know I have.  If Maria weren’t black and we were talking about a white woman would this be news?  If it were black male or white man, we probably still here about it as click bait.  Again, I’m sure ESPN has diversity opportunities just like any fortune 500 company, mom and pop shop, sports team, government, police department, and local bodega.  Why are we focused on this when we got sketchily inspected buildings collapsing on folks, hurricanes, disengaged government leaders, and global pandemic is beyond me.

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