FIRE RANT: Don’t Snitch Complex

Let’s touch today on the dreadful don’t snitch complex.  Essentially, the concept revolves around someone seeing a bad action or task completed and not feeling compelled to share the truth with others particularly law enforcement.  Basically, someone can witness a crime being committed and refuse to help bring the perpetuator to justice because of some dumb logic that they are being honorable by not telling on the criminal.  It’s one of these stupidest things people have ever created.  Yeah, I get that fellow criminals and folks that are close may have some obligation and even loyalty that encourages them to not sell out someone in their crew.  However, what I don’t understand is how Angela’s 5-year-old daughter just got shot outside the house on accident with a crowd of people outside and nobody has the guts to report to the police who did it. I reject that mindset and say that anyone that lives by these lousy principles is a coward!  In most cases people aren’t silent because they fear violent retaliation.  They are silent because of wanting to seem cool by not telling.  Feeling proud that they prevented law enforcement from doing their job and locking up another deserving individual.  Get over yourselves and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.  God sees all that occurs so if you think you are getting away with withholding the truth think again.  May God have mercy and convict the hearts of the perpetuator that committed the sinful crime and anyone that refuses to speak the truth on the crime!

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