FIRE RANT: 2 Country Rule in Olympics Gymnastics

I know the Olympics are over, but I will take this time to jump on top of a football pile after the whistle.  The Olympics two country rule in gymnastics is dumb and not in the best interest of competition.  The rule essentially says that a country can have gymnasts with the top 3 scores in qualifying event yet only select two of the individuals.  We complain about the younger generations being spoiled, lazy, and getting participatory trophies for simply showing up to practice.  Yet, we have poorly constructed rules like this that don’t reward the best of the best at the highest level.  It’s disappointing and wrong.  If a country sucks at gymnastics I don’t want to seem them competing in the final.   If that means that USA doesn’t have a representative that’s our fault!  Get better!  In fact, when you look at how dominant Simone Biles has been, Americans have probably retired from the sport due to felling she would get 1 of 2 the spots automatically.  Therefore, cutting their slim chances of making an Olympic gymnastics team in half.  It doesn’t appear that track & field, swimming, and a lot of other sports have this rule.  Now I don’t think it should be set up so that the top 8 individual final competitors can be from same country.  I do think the country rule should be expanded to 3 to match the number of medals on the line.  Again, if your country isn’t good enough to qualify that’s your problem.

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