If I Ruled the World – Transparency with Credit Score Formula Calculations

If I Ruled the World, I would order transparency with the calculation of credit score formulas.  It’s really shameful that credit scores affect a decent portion of our lives, yet we don’t seem to have clarity of how they exactly work.  Yes, we know paying your bills on time, not spending too much of your credit, and keeping your inquiries low helps your score.  At the same time, its also true that we feel the need to have 3 different credit bureaus tabulating our score and the scores aren’t the same!  Just like my taxes or anything else I should be able to make an excel spreadsheet formula that tells me if I have 80% of my debt versus 100% paid off what will happen.  Currently, this is not possible.  Folks should be able to understand how their score is calculated with each agency and understand why their score differs between agencies.  I immediately would rule all agencies to provide a simple plug and play template where a person with a high school could figure their credit score!

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