FIRE RANT: Using Cash and Change During Pandemic

I must admit that one of thing that irritates me in present day is the way there is still a fair amount of people that like to use cash and change to pay for things during a pandemic.  Could maybe understand older people being the main culprit of this.  However, my experience is that people of all age groups are still whipping out cash and coins to pay for stuff.  These customers are holding up lines and spreading germs unnecessarily.  I feel that if you want to use cash or change do self-checkout where you can merely feed the money to a machine.  You might ask what about folks passing money and food back and forth at sporting event?  Well, I haven’t been to sporting event during the pandemic. I would be disappointed to learn that folks are passing their popcorn, cotton candy, or hotdog across the faces and between the hands of strangers with covid still out there.  If I had to bet, I would be comfortable saying that’s exactly how they still do it.  The smart thing to do would be to only be able to buy you food at concession stands to limit human touch.  We got to stop thinking of every at-risk action we can do to pass germs to folks.

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