If I Ruled the World – Prohibit use of the non-credit bureau credit score calculators

So, my back is arched over credit scores so I will unveil another way I would morph that process.  Imagine checking your credit score at the three bureaus and printing out your score on the way to purchase a car.  The report says all your scores are over 700.  However, when you go to the dealership, they run your score and tell you its 650 according to the way they calculate it.  Though you show them your report they only can go off their alternative credit score service.  As a result, you had to pay more for the vehicle because of this unexplainable credit score difference.  Americans shouldn’t have to do endure this situation which is something I experienced in real life.  If I ruled the world, I would prohibit the use of these custom credit score services.  Why does Chase, Credit One, Capital One, and other financial companies feel they have to do their own spin on a consumer’s credit score?  From what I’ve seen the non-big credit bureau places often give a consumer a worse score than the bureaus.  If we don’t know how the big bureaus formulate scores, we aren’t trying to figure out how Chase bank makes their ragging score.  In the interest of less confusion, I would prohibit the use of relying on any credit bureau score outside of the Transunion, Experian, and Equifax.

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