FIRE RANT: Haven’t been Sick Over a Year and Love It

One of the few benefits of the covid world order is the fact that I haven’t been sick since January 2019.  Oddly enough, I got sick the following an international flight thru Chicago to Canada for work.  Reportedly, one of the first folks that had covid in US went thru that airport so maybe I had covid when no one knew what it was.  Anyway, the ability to wear a mask anywhere I go, increased use of hand sanitizer, and my kids staying at home for virtual school has benefited my family health wise.  No one in my house has gotten sick and that says something.  Our pedestrian made a joke during the kids last check up that this is the healthiest she’s seen any of our kids because they stayed with earaches and running noses.  I’m dreading the days of no one wearing masks anymore and forgoing gloves because covid is over and budgets tightened.  I don’t want people breathing on my food and serving it to me and I don’t want to get sick ever again!

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