FIRE RANT: Brainless Afghanistan Exit Plan

Well, I’ve been waiting to get back to it and share my thoughts on the grand Afghanistan exit plan our President ordered.  Yeah, I get that Donald Trump previously set a date for ending the war in Afghanistan.  At the same time, President Biden took over adjusted some dates and assumes accountability for the orders and plan he okayed.  Why the heck, would we start evacuating majority of our armored manpower before securing the safety of all US citizens and affiliates?  It makes zero sense.  I guess we were depending on the Afghanistan soldiers we trained to have more of a backbone but for the local army to cave as quick as it did there had to be tale signs that some security, knowledge, and heart gaps existed.  We left billions of dollars in military gear in hands of our enemies, we basically let them run us out their country.  Leaving before something could escalate too bad which stranded people that didn’t want to be there.  Has everyone even made it out the country that desires to leave?  I doubt it.  We had 13 additional soldiers on our military get killed due to a poorly planned exit plan!  13 families impacted for no reason and its being unacceptable.  What’s most disappointing is the way the administration try to sell the plan to the public as competent and well thought out.  Anyone can see the Afghanistan exit plan didn’t pass the commonsense test.  We ended the war on terror with tails between our legs literally heading for the hills.  My heart goes out to those who gave their lives for a war that we ended disastrously.

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