FIRE RANT: Urban Meyer Bar Scandal

I’m not sure what the big deal is with the Urban Meyer bar scandal.  After losing a football game on Thursday night a few weeks ago he went out to bar and sat in a chair while some chick danced on him.  Secondly, he was later in another video trying to put a finger up the same girl’s butt at same bar.  Yes, Urban Meyer is married and what he did was wrong.  However, we have celebrated celebrities for doing worse.  Whether its artists in music videos, award show performances dancing immorally or being too explicit or public affairs, some athletes and other entertainers engage in.  We sometimes even get excited when one celebrity takes another person’s significant other or spouse without demanding apologies. Not sure why this has been news going on nearly several weeks now.  The coach felt the need to apologize multiple times in public, apologized to the owner, and the players of the Jacksonville Jaguars several times. The most outraged person should be his wife which would be a public matter.  Yes, the incident was disruption for the football team.  However, it’s growing as a distraction mainly because the team keeps talking about how many folks got apologized to.  We don’t watch football or any kind of sport or entertainment because the people on the screen are great human beings and have the highest of morals.  In fact, when I think about some of people I like musically or from sports perspective I probably wouldn’t keep their company in real life.  We fall in love with a character someone plays on the screen or the image the present in their art or sport and think that’s their identity all the time.  Newsflash, it isn’t.  Urban Meyer lusted and sin like some of us do when we go to a bar, game, work, or grocery store.  We just don’t have someone video taping it for a quick buck.  Move on and chase the next ambulance.

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