Month: November 2021

FIRE RANT: Another Media Covid Blitz

Once again, the media is pushing fear with the drowning coverage of the latest covid omicron variant.  Every news station is excessively covering it every news cycle.  What is weird to me is that they waited until after Thanksgiving weekend when most of the great travel and spending had been completed to suddenly have this breaking news.  Had they announced the information a day or two sooner it would have impacted businesses and other entities.  A side impact of this new variant is the realization that even if the USA or another country was 100% vaccinated the risk of covid mutations doesn’t go away completely.  Essentially, if other parts of the world aren’t vaccinated the virus can keep spreading.  The fact gives folks less reason to get vaccinated.  If we can’t get our own citizens to get vaccinated how the heck, we going to influence other countries?

TONE SETTING SUNDAY – Week of 11/28/21

I challenge you all to make at least 4 non-routine goals for the upcoming week and reference them daily.  Use them to guide your actions when you have free time.  These are my goals for the week of 11/28/21.⁠

There will be 6 goals again this week.  I will launch the U-Prayer app on Android and Apple platforms.  The costs of marketing for and u-prayer app will be confirmed.  Finalize some social media maintenance.  Intermittent fast for at least 14 hours every day this week.  I will read at least one book from the Bible this week.  Lastly, I will write and record God and You Podcast Episode #23, “Get Saved or Die Lyin”.

Bizzy Jimme

Business 101: Share Even When You Don’t Benefit

       Continuing the conversation from last week around idea generation; this week I want to push sharing with others.  Everything we come across won’t always benefit us.  However, there is nothing wrong with passing on information, a contact, or solution that may be helpful to someone in your circle.  Heck, you may come across job openings that aren’t for your field but maybe you have a friend or someone in your network that you know is looking.  The right thing to do is send the link or lead even it if takes some effort.  You can build good will with others and maybe even learn a little about another field thru finding out what is applicable to them and what isn’t.  Same for random ideas or contacts.  There’s nothing wrong with being a middleman or center of information.  Sharing information increases your value to others and strengthens your network even if you don’t directly benefit from what you are passing along.

FIRE RANT: I need Data to get Vaccinated, What Kind, Do You Know?

Closing my three-part series on rants against covid-19 topics.  So again, zero problems with folks choosing not to put a syringe into their arms against their will.  However, when people say they are waiting on the data to get vaccinated how many of them know what they are waiting for?  Is vaccination data like porn, you know it when you see it?  I watch these clueless folks they interview on the news that they ask about not being vaccinated and everyone gives the same generic answer.  I need the data; I’m looking at the data.  How many of these folks read labels on anything they ingest medicine, drink, or eat?  No, checking the carbs, sugar, and general vitamins doesn’t count.  If they read a label, are they actually researching ingredients they can’t pronounce?  Do they have any idea how many things on the store shelves aren’t FDA approved that they take without blinking?  By the way, the vaccine is now FDA improved for some.  In short, what I’m saying is if you are waiting on data to get vaccinated, you better be able to intelligently explain what it is you need to feel comfortable.  Otherwise, you’re just a fool repeating what the media and everyone else is saying.

If I Ruled the World – Give Congressional Leaders Incentives for Passing Legislation

So, this week my rant will kind of be adjacent to last week’s stance on taking pay from congress to align with government shutdowns.  I propose giving congressional leaders incentives for passing legislation.  If I ruled the world every piece of legislation that congressed passed that would be substantial would yield monetary bonus.  Monetary bonus would be in the form of their retirement pensions maybe yearly figure, and it would be taxed at the highest tax rate.  Whether something is deemed as substantial would be categorized as legislation that is provides a new functionality, service, or benefit that doesn’t already exists.  For example, renewing something that is about to expire wouldn’t count.  Neither would rolling back something that previous administration passed.  The amount of the bonus per bill would be anywhere from half to 1% of someone’s salary.  The percentage would be voted on during presidential election years.  Lastly, this would be funded by unclaimed tax returns so everyone wins.