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Business 101: Invest in your NETWORK

One of the best ways to help accelerate the success of yourself and your business is by investing in your network.  I don’t mean just throwing money at people you know and their business initiatives.  I literally, mean allocate time to attending networking events whether they are in person or virtual.  It gives you to chance to meet new people.  You never know who you are going to stumble upon that might become a good resource, friend, mentor, and or mentee for you.  Networking allows you to educate yourself on what others are doing whether they are your direct competition or have nothing to do with your business.  If someone is giving a presentation during a networking event which often happens, or someone wants to brag about their business you can just quietly take notes and absorb the trade secrets being shared.  By networking you can start surrounding yourself with people that are like minded.  If you want to become a better basketball player, you don’t go hang out and play baseball.  You pull up to a basketball court with your ball and grab next in some scrimmages.  We should be doing the same thing with our business dreams.  Spending all your time with your 9-5 co-workers, content family members, and or friends that mock your goals isn’t going to encourage you in positive way.  Seeing other people working thru the same struggles and aspirations as you can result in you pushing yourself to the next level to keep up. So again, invest in your network, the people you socialize and build your goals and habits with.

FIRE RANT: STOP Causing Pain because your Hurting

There has been an increase in the amount of people that like to break up people’s happiness for no real reason.  Folks love to play the side chick or dude role just so they can ruin a relationship or marriage.  I mean people come out the wood works to make themselves known when folks are posting public announcements or in the media just to cause pain.  The funny thing about it, is when they do it nobody in the end wins typically.  The relationship or marriage is usually never the same or ended and the adulterer doesn’t go back to the person that outed them.  People will claim they aren’t fans of a team or person but manage to find time in their day to make negative comments on the person’s post and just type ugly things.  Again, they are too much of a coward to make the remarks to the person face to face but somehow, they think they are brave.  Nor do the comments really improve or change the course of the commenter’s life.  I can only fathom that people break up relationships and marriages because they lack a real connection in their life, so they want others to experience it.  Additionally, people try to bring others self esteem down because they don’t value themselves.  Also, by focusing on bringing someone else down or pointing out their flaws they can avoid their lack of success, achievement, and own flaws.  If you are out there causing others pain and bringing chaos to their lives, I ask you to stop and examine what you are missing in your life.  I ask you to pray to God for forgiveness and seek clarity in your broken situation so you can get out of the business of causing pain to others.


I set 4 goals for myself the week of 5/3/21 and to be transparent I’ve posted what they were. The red “x” indicates which ones I actually completed. I executed 3/4 of the goals.

I was able to update my 2-month financial plan which will carry me threw Many and June.  Also added several healthier menu options to my recipe tree.  I didn’t maintain the carb intake as things kind of fell apart when I had to travel a lot this week for work.  Lastly, I wrote, recorded, and posted the #14 God and You Podcast Episode – Doubt.

Bizzy Jimme

TONE SETTING SUNDAY – Week of 5/10/21

I challenge you all to make at least 4 non-routine goals for the upcoming week and reference them daily.  Use them to guide your actions when you have free time.  These are my goals for the week of 5/10/21.⁠

This week for goals I have a sexi six.  I will solidify the maintenance strategy of Fantasy Block app once its launches.  The subscription payment issue with good play will get resolved.  Time will be spent networking with someone new.  I will reach out to my marketing source to see if they can help with building my IG/FB following on bizzyjimme and uprayer accounts.  A salvation content post will be created to be shared with the world weekly.  The writing and recording of the 15th God and You Podcast episode will be recorded.

Bizzy Jimme

If I Ruled the World: Reduction on Planet Impact

I can’t say I 100% believe that weather changes are all because of things like global warming but what I do know is that humans generate a lot of waste.  Everyone doesn’t recycle, many people litter, and our air isn’t always the cleanest to inhale.  I understand that upgrading to new types of resources for powering things like cars will affect other industries.  However, that shouldn’t be the reason why we don’t look for ways to improve our processes and way of life.  Businesses and brands like Kodak, Xerox, Blockbuster, Blackberry, and others have been left in behind due to the evolution of technology and the human experience.  No one feels sorry for them so why should we be trying to protect the feelings of oil and gas companies.  At some point, everything or person will be replaced but something newer, faster, bigger, smarter, and or better.  To help with the transition to reducing our impact on the planet I would do several things.

  1. Require that companies have at least 25% of their product lines to be comprised of solutions with reduced impact on the environment. I would use organizations like EPA and OSHA to create the standards and enforce the regulations.
  2. Tax credits or incentives would be provided for companies that go above and beyond their bare minimum requirements for cleaner planet.
  3. A portion of financial savings that companies experience from making planet eco-friendly changes would be matched and credited back to the company.
  4. Reward recyclers. I would allow recycling companies to provide trackable containers that could be linked to families so that if a family recycled a lot, they would get financially get credited for some of the further trash processing they’ve prevented.
  5. Create a fund for companies or individuals to get grants to fund eco-friendly initiatives. This would be funded by some government taxes and or some of the state lottery revenue.

Business 101: Outsourcing your Weakness = Maximizing your Time

When you are creating you own business you have to understand what you are great and bad at.  Sometimes when you are first starting out you are just trying to get traction on your business initiative.  Therefore, you may not be able to afford to spend money on every aspect of the business.  Or you may not be sure its going to work so you don’t want to invest money everywhere.  Well, I say you still must do an honest audit of the quality of work you are able to do across all areas.  For example, when I made this website, I knew I could probably make it passable enough to get by doing it myself in the short term based on the fact I had previous experience making basic websites.  However, I called myself trying to apply that logic in marketing with undesirable results.  I spent a little money for Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Google Ads without a marketing formula I dare to repeat so started looking for experts to help me.  I had similar experience for mobile application development.  I thought as an engineer I could go on these drag and drop DIY app making sites and be off to the races.  Well, after signing up for a few sites I quickly realized that even if I could figure it out, there were better ways for me to use my time.  So again, I outsourced something that I wasn’t strong in to focus my times on other areas.

Weighing what tasks for your business that you can do or want to do versus outsourcing is a continuous process.  If you think you use time for tasks that only you exclusively can complete that’s a good clue that you need to lighten your tasks load.  Finding ways to get your hands out of all parts of your business will accelerate your effectiveness.  At the same time, it gives you a peace of mind that someone else capable is working on advancing your business forward besides you.  Life’s a challenge enough being an entrepreneur while maintaining other obligations.  So next time you are thinking through a new business task that needs to get accomplished ask yourself if there’s someone else equally as capable of performing it and delegate.  Squeeze everything you can out of time you have for things only you can do.

FIRE RANT: I’m Not Pro-Black Everything, But I Still Have a Voice

For the past few years, I have been irked by the belief that if a black person isn’t 100% supportive of every black celebrity, movement, and situation that they aren’t real.  Real meaning not authentic, not representative of their race.  I believe that wrong is wrong and right is right.  Regardless, if folks like Trump and Weinstein haven’t been held accountable for their crimes, I believe people like Bill Cosby and R. Kelly need to be in jail.  Yes, wealthy men of other races might be guilty of the same things that Deshaun Watson has been accused of but that doesn’t mean he gets a pass for sketchy behavior.  While it’s sad anytime someone loses a life, every police officer isn’t bad and every person that is has been killed by them isn’t completely innocent.  There have been some folks that contributed to their survival rate during the encounter with police.  I also believe there are cops that exists that are racist and bad people and possibly even more worthless cops that stand by, watch evil happening, and cover it up.  Not sure what the solution is for that, but I know destroying department stores and your neighborhood isn’t one of them.  If the black community wants to be angry about cops killing a small amount of us let’s also get outraged about the gangs, family members, and friends that commit traumatic actions and murders to our own as well.  Let’s report the crimes that happen in our neighborhood and in our homes, stop protecting fools, and put them in prison where they belong.  We tell people that if they don’t love themselves and treat themselves well, they can’t expect others to.  I think we are guilty of that in black community just like other communities are too.  Yes, I know police are held to higher standard and that other races are treated differently than us but still doesn’t’ excuse the trauma and murders we commit in our community.  Folks need to control what they can control.  Rat out the people doing bad things in the community whether that’s drug dealers, criminals, molesters, rapists, and murderers.  Invest in the businesses in the community and network.  Do more to supplement the marching, talking and destroying property.  Marching and speeches have a place but solely focusing on what others have done to us won’t solve all our issues if we don’t address the internal damage we do to ourselves.

TONE SETTING SUNDAY – Week of 5/3/21

I challenge you all to make at least 4 non-routine goals for the upcoming week and reference them daily.  Use them to guide your actions when you have free time.  These are my goals for the week of 5/3/21.⁠

I will update my financial plan for the next 2 months.  I will continue to refine my at home recipes to be healthier.  75 carbs daily will be my limit.  The writing and recording of the 14th God and You Podcast episode will be recorded.

Bizzy Jimme

If I Ruled the World: NFL Heading Coach Hiring Schedule

The process for hiring a new NFL head coach when your previous one has failed is a mess.  So, I’ve put some thought behind how I would improve the process.  First off, the idea that candidates have to get permission to interview for promotions is a joke.  The fact that candidates on NFL playoffs teams can only interview in limited windows and can’t be hired until their team is eliminated isn’t fair.  The league is basically rewarding teams that fail with first dibs at supplying candidates.  The playoff teams that probably have the most promising candidates basically get the leftover opportunities.  Here’s what I would look to do.

  • Teams must allow a candidate that a team is interested in to apply and be interviewed for a job.
    • If a team prevents someone from applying and or interviewing, they will have to give the candidate a promotion.
  • Whatever decision a team grants on allowing a candidate to interview or not stands for all interested teams.
    • For example, the Bears can’t say that their offensive coordinator can’t interview for Green Bay Packers’ head coaching job but say yes to identical opportunity with Cleveland Browns.
  • No teams can interview candidates for jobs until after super bowl is over.

Nothing groundbreaking with these 3 simple changes.  At same time, I think if these rules were implemented the better candidates would get opportunities and it would create more even playing feel for candidates and teams.

Business 101: Consuming social media for kicks is basic behavior: Limit Basic Social Media Consumption

Yes, I said it and I meant it.  Social media is a complex monster.  While it does allow folks additional ways to connect and communicate with one another it also has many negative or non-value-added qualities.  Folks can be cowards and hide behind a screen to solely exists to put others down.  People can fake their whole life and image online and lead people astray in the process.  People give meaningless updates and over share information that doesn’t really impact anyone’s day.  Nobody really needs to know what the average person did for their work out, had for dinner, or random pictures.  Sorry, the average person just isn’t important enough in the world to be sharing play by play of their life with everyone.  One can argue that we don’t know need to know that info from the accomplished and famous either.  However, here we are, a world where people are building careers off being influencers of puffery and facades.  What’s even worse is when folks waste hours and hours of time constantly checking social media looking for a dopamine picture, post, or video to grab their attention and suck more time out of them.  We have more loyalty and dedication to checking and consuming social media than to our religion, continued education, family, and or business aspirations.

Checking Beyoncé or Taylor Swift’s social media every day isn’t going to improve or degrade your life.  Trust me, those celebrities will be fine if you ghost them for a few days, weeks, or forever.  I’ve found that if I want to get more production out of myself and business initiatives one of the first things I typically do is take a break from social media.  Yeah, I know that you must post on social media to advertise your business.  However, if you use sites like buffer or later you can simply schedule your content without going to each app.  The people that are going to engage on your posts are who they are.  Scrolling social media isn’t really going to change the results of your posts.  It’s a basic mindset to being using social media or anything else for that matter without a purpose or goal insight.  Especially, when you want to progress your life and or career to the next level.  A quick way to identify and prevent yourself from falling into purposeless social media consumption is to only use it when you have something to do related to your business goals.