fire rant

FIRE RANT: Another Media Covid Blitz

Once again, the media is pushing fear with the drowning coverage of the latest covid omicron variant.  Every news station is excessively covering it every news cycle.  What is weird to me is that they waited until after Thanksgiving weekend when most of the great travel and spending had been completed to suddenly have this breaking news.  Had they announced the information a day or two sooner it would have impacted businesses and other entities.  A side impact of this new variant is the realization that even if the USA or another country was 100% vaccinated the risk of covid mutations doesn’t go away completely.  Essentially, if other parts of the world aren’t vaccinated the virus can keep spreading.  The fact gives folks less reason to get vaccinated.  If we can’t get our own citizens to get vaccinated how the heck, we going to influence other countries?

FIRE RANT: I need Data to get Vaccinated, What Kind, Do You Know?

Closing my three-part series on rants against covid-19 topics.  So again, zero problems with folks choosing not to put a syringe into their arms against their will.  However, when people say they are waiting on the data to get vaccinated how many of them know what they are waiting for?  Is vaccination data like porn, you know it when you see it?  I watch these clueless folks they interview on the news that they ask about not being vaccinated and everyone gives the same generic answer.  I need the data; I’m looking at the data.  How many of these folks read labels on anything they ingest medicine, drink, or eat?  No, checking the carbs, sugar, and general vitamins doesn’t count.  If they read a label, are they actually researching ingredients they can’t pronounce?  Do they have any idea how many things on the store shelves aren’t FDA approved that they take without blinking?  By the way, the vaccine is now FDA improved for some.  In short, what I’m saying is if you are waiting on data to get vaccinated, you better be able to intelligently explain what it is you need to feel comfortable.  Otherwise, you’re just a fool repeating what the media and everyone else is saying.

FIRE RANT: No Vaccine, No Problem, Where a Mask though

So, this week I continue my spitting my venom at covid-19 related topics.  I believe that in this country given all the other rights we have been given that its not okay to force citizens to get something injected to their bodies.  I would simply think that folks would act in their best interest and take something that enhances their chances of survival.  However, my assumptions certainly don’t speak for everyone.  My issue is that non-vaccinated folks aren’t holding up their end of the bargain.  People don’t want to get vaccinated BUT don’t want to wear masks either.  I know this because again half the population is roughly vaccinated supposedly but when I go to the grocery store 80% of people are mask-less.  When I view sporting events on TV and see packed stadiums majority of people are mask-less.  Everyone without a mask isn’t vaccinated or covid-19 negative.  If you aren’t interested in getting vaccinated, fine but be accountable and wear a mask!  If you don’t feel you have to do anything but wake up and live, your just selfish as hell.  God have mercy on your soul.  If you get sick I have little to no sympathy for you.

FIRE RANT: Booster Shots for What?

So, the big news recently has been the fact that booster shots for covid-19 are becoming available for various citizens in the USA.  However, I have issue with this.  First, we have folks that are vaccinated getting covid-19 multiple times which means the vaccine isn’t some immunity pill.  So, listen double or tripled down on it and get more shots in the arm.  Yes, the vaccine pretty much stops you from dying from covid-19 but it clearly doesn’t make getting it impossible.  Second, they expect the same folks that already got shot in the arms several times to get vaccinated again while we still haven’t addressed the rest of folks that aren’t vaccinated and don’t wear masks.  Essentially, it seems they are trying to back into herd immunity by hoping if they make the vaccinated folks have lower infection rate maybe that compensates for those that have high infections rate.  Ladies and gentlemen, its just math.  100% protection rate in best case scenario averaged with 0% (folks with no vaccine and no mask) the best you will get is 50%.  Weighted average doesn’t matter because I think we’re barely at 50% of country vaccinated so my simple math is directionally correct.  Third, I’m not interested in getting vaccinated when my kids still aren’t eligible.  Maybe instead of trying to figure out they can keep exploiting for shots they should have put more energy to making rest of population vaccine eligible.  So again, not interested in getting vaccinated a 3rd time for incremental protection, not interested in compensating for the non-vaccinated-non-masked folks, and not getting vaccinated again, when my kids aren’t taking care of.

FIRE RANT: Urban Meyer Bar Scandal

I’m not sure what the big deal is with the Urban Meyer bar scandal.  After losing a football game on Thursday night a few weeks ago he went out to bar and sat in a chair while some chick danced on him.  Secondly, he was later in another video trying to put a finger up the same girl’s butt at same bar.  Yes, Urban Meyer is married and what he did was wrong.  However, we have celebrated celebrities for doing worse.  Whether its artists in music videos, award show performances dancing immorally or being too explicit or public affairs, some athletes and other entertainers engage in.  We sometimes even get excited when one celebrity takes another person’s significant other or spouse without demanding apologies. Not sure why this has been news going on nearly several weeks now.  The coach felt the need to apologize multiple times in public, apologized to the owner, and the players of the Jacksonville Jaguars several times. The most outraged person should be his wife which would be a public matter.  Yes, the incident was disruption for the football team.  However, it’s growing as a distraction mainly because the team keeps talking about how many folks got apologized to.  We don’t watch football or any kind of sport or entertainment because the people on the screen are great human beings and have the highest of morals.  In fact, when I think about some of people I like musically or from sports perspective I probably wouldn’t keep their company in real life.  We fall in love with a character someone plays on the screen or the image the present in their art or sport and think that’s their identity all the time.  Newsflash, it isn’t.  Urban Meyer lusted and sin like some of us do when we go to a bar, game, work, or grocery store.  We just don’t have someone video taping it for a quick buck.  Move on and chase the next ambulance.

FIRE RANT: Brainless Afghanistan Exit Plan

Well, I’ve been waiting to get back to it and share my thoughts on the grand Afghanistan exit plan our President ordered.  Yeah, I get that Donald Trump previously set a date for ending the war in Afghanistan.  At the same time, President Biden took over adjusted some dates and assumes accountability for the orders and plan he okayed.  Why the heck, would we start evacuating majority of our armored manpower before securing the safety of all US citizens and affiliates?  It makes zero sense.  I guess we were depending on the Afghanistan soldiers we trained to have more of a backbone but for the local army to cave as quick as it did there had to be tale signs that some security, knowledge, and heart gaps existed.  We left billions of dollars in military gear in hands of our enemies, we basically let them run us out their country.  Leaving before something could escalate too bad which stranded people that didn’t want to be there.  Has everyone even made it out the country that desires to leave?  I doubt it.  We had 13 additional soldiers on our military get killed due to a poorly planned exit plan!  13 families impacted for no reason and its being unacceptable.  What’s most disappointing is the way the administration try to sell the plan to the public as competent and well thought out.  Anyone can see the Afghanistan exit plan didn’t pass the commonsense test.  We ended the war on terror with tails between our legs literally heading for the hills.  My heart goes out to those who gave their lives for a war that we ended disastrously.

FIRE RANT: Haven’t been Sick Over a Year and Love It

One of the few benefits of the covid world order is the fact that I haven’t been sick since January 2019.  Oddly enough, I got sick the following an international flight thru Chicago to Canada for work.  Reportedly, one of the first folks that had covid in US went thru that airport so maybe I had covid when no one knew what it was.  Anyway, the ability to wear a mask anywhere I go, increased use of hand sanitizer, and my kids staying at home for virtual school has benefited my family health wise.  No one in my house has gotten sick and that says something.  Our pedestrian made a joke during the kids last check up that this is the healthiest she’s seen any of our kids because they stayed with earaches and running noses.  I’m dreading the days of no one wearing masks anymore and forgoing gloves because covid is over and budgets tightened.  I don’t want people breathing on my food and serving it to me and I don’t want to get sick ever again!

FIRE RANT: Using Cash and Change During Pandemic

I must admit that one of thing that irritates me in present day is the way there is still a fair amount of people that like to use cash and change to pay for things during a pandemic.  Could maybe understand older people being the main culprit of this.  However, my experience is that people of all age groups are still whipping out cash and coins to pay for stuff.  These customers are holding up lines and spreading germs unnecessarily.  I feel that if you want to use cash or change do self-checkout where you can merely feed the money to a machine.  You might ask what about folks passing money and food back and forth at sporting event?  Well, I haven’t been to sporting event during the pandemic. I would be disappointed to learn that folks are passing their popcorn, cotton candy, or hotdog across the faces and between the hands of strangers with covid still out there.  If I had to bet, I would be comfortable saying that’s exactly how they still do it.  The smart thing to do would be to only be able to buy you food at concession stands to limit human touch.  We got to stop thinking of every at-risk action we can do to pass germs to folks.

FIRE RANT: 2 Country Rule in Olympics Gymnastics

I know the Olympics are over, but I will take this time to jump on top of a football pile after the whistle.  The Olympics two country rule in gymnastics is dumb and not in the best interest of competition.  The rule essentially says that a country can have gymnasts with the top 3 scores in qualifying event yet only select two of the individuals.  We complain about the younger generations being spoiled, lazy, and getting participatory trophies for simply showing up to practice.  Yet, we have poorly constructed rules like this that don’t reward the best of the best at the highest level.  It’s disappointing and wrong.  If a country sucks at gymnastics I don’t want to seem them competing in the final.   If that means that USA doesn’t have a representative that’s our fault!  Get better!  In fact, when you look at how dominant Simone Biles has been, Americans have probably retired from the sport due to felling she would get 1 of 2 the spots automatically.  Therefore, cutting their slim chances of making an Olympic gymnastics team in half.  It doesn’t appear that track & field, swimming, and a lot of other sports have this rule.  Now I don’t think it should be set up so that the top 8 individual final competitors can be from same country.  I do think the country rule should be expanded to 3 to match the number of medals on the line.  Again, if your country isn’t good enough to qualify that’s your problem.

FIRE RANT: Don’t Snitch Complex

Let’s touch today on the dreadful don’t snitch complex.  Essentially, the concept revolves around someone seeing a bad action or task completed and not feeling compelled to share the truth with others particularly law enforcement.  Basically, someone can witness a crime being committed and refuse to help bring the perpetuator to justice because of some dumb logic that they are being honorable by not telling on the criminal.  It’s one of these stupidest things people have ever created.  Yeah, I get that fellow criminals and folks that are close may have some obligation and even loyalty that encourages them to not sell out someone in their crew.  However, what I don’t understand is how Angela’s 5-year-old daughter just got shot outside the house on accident with a crowd of people outside and nobody has the guts to report to the police who did it. I reject that mindset and say that anyone that lives by these lousy principles is a coward!  In most cases people aren’t silent because they fear violent retaliation.  They are silent because of wanting to seem cool by not telling.  Feeling proud that they prevented law enforcement from doing their job and locking up another deserving individual.  Get over yourselves and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.  God sees all that occurs so if you think you are getting away with withholding the truth think again.  May God have mercy and convict the hearts of the perpetuator that committed the sinful crime and anyone that refuses to speak the truth on the crime!