fire rant

FIRE RANT: STOP Causing Pain because your Hurting

There has been an increase in the amount of people that like to break up people’s happiness for no real reason.  Folks love to play the side chick or dude role just so they can ruin a relationship or marriage.  I mean people come out the wood works to make themselves known when folks are posting public announcements or in the media just to cause pain.  The funny thing about it, is when they do it nobody in the end wins typically.  The relationship or marriage is usually never the same or ended and the adulterer doesn’t go back to the person that outed them.  People will claim they aren’t fans of a team or person but manage to find time in their day to make negative comments on the person’s post and just type ugly things.  Again, they are too much of a coward to make the remarks to the person face to face but somehow, they think they are brave.  Nor do the comments really improve or change the course of the commenter’s life.  I can only fathom that people break up relationships and marriages because they lack a real connection in their life, so they want others to experience it.  Additionally, people try to bring others self esteem down because they don’t value themselves.  Also, by focusing on bringing someone else down or pointing out their flaws they can avoid their lack of success, achievement, and own flaws.  If you are out there causing others pain and bringing chaos to their lives, I ask you to stop and examine what you are missing in your life.  I ask you to pray to God for forgiveness and seek clarity in your broken situation so you can get out of the business of causing pain to others.

FIRE RANT: I’m Not Pro-Black Everything, But I Still Have a Voice

For the past few years, I have been irked by the belief that if a black person isn’t 100% supportive of every black celebrity, movement, and situation that they aren’t real.  Real meaning not authentic, not representative of their race.  I believe that wrong is wrong and right is right.  Regardless, if folks like Trump and Weinstein haven’t been held accountable for their crimes, I believe people like Bill Cosby and R. Kelly need to be in jail.  Yes, wealthy men of other races might be guilty of the same things that Deshaun Watson has been accused of but that doesn’t mean he gets a pass for sketchy behavior.  While it’s sad anytime someone loses a life, every police officer isn’t bad and every person that is has been killed by them isn’t completely innocent.  There have been some folks that contributed to their survival rate during the encounter with police.  I also believe there are cops that exists that are racist and bad people and possibly even more worthless cops that stand by, watch evil happening, and cover it up.  Not sure what the solution is for that, but I know destroying department stores and your neighborhood isn’t one of them.  If the black community wants to be angry about cops killing a small amount of us let’s also get outraged about the gangs, family members, and friends that commit traumatic actions and murders to our own as well.  Let’s report the crimes that happen in our neighborhood and in our homes, stop protecting fools, and put them in prison where they belong.  We tell people that if they don’t love themselves and treat themselves well, they can’t expect others to.  I think we are guilty of that in black community just like other communities are too.  Yes, I know police are held to higher standard and that other races are treated differently than us but still doesn’t’ excuse the trauma and murders we commit in our community.  Folks need to control what they can control.  Rat out the people doing bad things in the community whether that’s drug dealers, criminals, molesters, rapists, and murderers.  Invest in the businesses in the community and network.  Do more to supplement the marching, talking and destroying property.  Marching and speeches have a place but solely focusing on what others have done to us won’t solve all our issues if we don’t address the internal damage we do to ourselves.

FIRE RANT: Media Covid Fatigue

Is it me, or is covid getting played out to death by the media?  It seems like every day the various news media cycles thru the same handful of ideas or information.  Covid cases seems to always be on the rise despite all the vaccinations, social distancing, and mask wearing going on.  There’s 100 new variants out there.  Appears that every time we report that the vaccinated population increases a new variant is discovered.  Then we get some conflicting information and or instructions released that don’t make sense.  One expert will say that its okay to not wear masks if all parties in area are vaccinated but then in same week, we get news that fully vaccinated people have died.  The covid cases will be increasing in an area the same week that mask mandates or other rules are relaxed.  Trump was a lot of things but maybe some of the things he said about the media was right.  Media likes to grab and hold onto our attention and best way to do that is to pray on our emotions.  This can be done by providing conflicting information and instruction, making us fear by hearing about deaths and news threats, and make us relieved when we hear about increased availability of vaccinations and people vaccinated.  We basically go thru a stage of being relieved, scared, confused, and angry.  For months now I’ve been glad to be occupied with work because the small sound bites I get from TV and CNN aren’t too helpful.  I would recommend protect yourself from infection, making safe choices, and keeping your head down until this is over.


Another day, another racist incident at Starbucks.  Within the past week or so a female customer called a black employee the n-word because he tried to enforce the company mask requirement the lady wasn’t following.  What makes this incident even more disappointing is that the white woman had at least one kid with her that was biracial indicating she had sexual relations with a black man.  When bystanders pointed this out the lady admitted it and still didn’t have regrets about hurling the n-word at the employee.  We already know that having black friends, employees, teammates, and idols doesn’t prevent black people from getting disrespected and called out of name by white person.  However, a white person having sexual relations and conceiving with a black person doesn’t mean the person doesn’t have hate in their hearts.  I guess that’s no different than what the slave masters and former presidents (shout out to my uncle George Washington) did hundreds of years ago.  What kind of lasting damage is going to be done to a child that grows up with a toxic parent like that?  What caused the lady to act like?  Did the baby’s father do her wrong tainting her views on blacks and or is she just trifling?  What makes this situation even worse is that when I tried to look up the incident to put the lady on blast, I couldn’t even find the article easily because this has happened at Starbucks multiple times over the years!  If we continue nurturing and bathing children in hate our world will continue to suffer the racism illness.  The punch line of this article is that a non-minority having bi-racial or ethnic kids doesn’t mean that someone isn’t racist.  Hope everyone can sleeps better with that reminder.

FIRE RANT: Make Your Inputs Make Sense

One thing we can all improve in is making sure what goes into us aligns with what we are trying to be and accomplish.  For example, if we want to keep putting crappy food into our bodies, consuming alcohol, and doing drugs we shouldn’t expect to be in elite physical shape.  Nor would we expect to lose weight with that kind of behavior.  You don’t put fish in your oven and expect hamburgers to come out.  Our inputs and outputs should match.  Another scenario would be if we were trying to quit a bad habit like removing bad language from our vocabulary.  If we want to stop cussing it wouldn’t make sense to listen to bad music that will subconsciously get into your mind.  Probably wiser to listen to clean music or no music at all.  Or if you were recently released from prison and wanted to avoid going back there’s certain actions you would take.  You wouldn’t want to hang out with a bunch of folks that are presently committing crimes because that probably increases the likelihood that you get back into the life.  Sometimes it’s best to step back and look at what we are trying to get as an end result from a situation and work backwards to reverse engineer the inputs.


Like most people I was somewhat satisfied to be blessed with another stimulus check on the way that would allow me to continue paying off debt, generating wealth, and investing in my entrepreneurial desires.  Additionally, I liked how the new bill provides support for small businesses and communities that need funding.  However, I was not in impressed to see that the bill only passed because my Soror, Vice President Kamala Harris, broke the 50-50 split with her vote.  I need the government to set better examples and to show the collaboration and compromise we teach are children at home and school.  The same negotiations that trade labor unions, athletes and owners, and employees at corporate America work thru should be displayed by the countries supposed “best leaders”.  Nobody is truly all conservative or all progressive with their views if we are being honest.  Congressional leaders are so scared to lose their position in office that they use group think at every turn which isn’t healthy.  Maximum benefit can’t be created in a negotiation and agreement when one side or person pretty much can push thru what they broadly believe independent of the other side.  I believe that fair deals where both sides get something, they think is important creates the best overall result because you stay away from extremes.  Rarely, is the extreme of anything the best decision short or long term.  Whether its food, sex, fun, work, or rest too little or too much of any of those doesn’t breed accountability and desirable results.  Why do our politicians think its acceptable?  Maybe the current system as it exists is too fear based to allow people the heart to speak their conscience without being censured by their party.  If that’s the case, shame on us for not demanding a more bias-less system.

FIRE RANT: Everyone Deserves Respect

Today I like to clear up the notation that everyone doesn’t deserve basic respect.  People are literally walking around everyday treating another person differently because of their race, age, class status, gender, sexual orientation, profession, political affiliation, clothes their wearing and much more.  Funny part about it is that most of the things we judge people on are things people can’t 100% control.  I won’t get into the debate of which ones because that’s besides the point.  I shouldn’t be treated differently when I walk in a room wearing a suit versus sweatpants and hoodie.  My blood pressure shouldn’t raise when I see a police car and or officer near me.  Aside from jobs that have physical requirements women should be able to have just as much representation for genderless jobs as men.  However, this isn’t the case.  Though everybody is their own unique person we seemed to want to focus on how quickly we can point out the difference between others and ourselves.  We use stereotypes to short cut treating everyone as individuals as if every republican is racist and every democrat is not racist.  Don’t tell anybody but I’ve twice been pulled over by cop and got away with a warning.  At same time, I’ve also been profiled by a cop on the University of Dayton campus on the same night I was going to do a planned ride along with same cops!  Point is we need to stop painting everybody with broad brushes.

We need to start treating everyone with dignity and like they matter.   Mark 12:31 says to “treat your neighbor like yourself” which is one of the two most important commandments.  Religious or not if we simply treated each other the way we wanted to be treated would folks still rape, cuss, harm, molest, kill, steal, and lie against another?  Essentially the concept of karma that folks are always throwing around is the manifestation of that scripture.  The world accepts folks giving random individual truths but doesn’t want to give basic respect to folks.  You can be from the hood and still share seat on a plane with a white woman from the suburbs.  A Christian pastor can volunteer and work with a gay man in the community or at his job.  Its okay to hold the door open for someone that’s transgender or service a bad cop in a restaurant if that’s your job.  Until we start giving people basic respect regardless of folks’ personal choices, appearance, lifestyles, affiliations, etc. humans will continue to waste energy on fake drama.

FIRE RANT: Celebrities Aren’t Automatically Good People, We Aren’t Either

Today I like to talk about our beliefs that celebrities have to be and or are good people.  People are always trying to cancel a celebrity, athlete, and or politician if they don’t agree with their own personal beliefs.  First, we must realize that once someone hits the public eye they are coached on what to say and not say at times.  So the chances you are really hearing what the person thinks are sketchy.  Athletes and celebrities seem to mainly state what’s the popular opinion at the time.  When they don’t the social media police or insert some random organization are quick to harass them until they comply and change their stance.  Politicians will sell their opinion for votes and or continued status in a political party.  I never understood why folks will protest a celebrity or athlete if they align themselves with something, they don’t like but will still report for work if their boss and or company does the same thing.  For example, someone will complain about teams support of Black Lives Matter or some conservative ideology and refuse to support it.  But they will continue going to work when their job starts pushing Black Lives Matter agendas and or work for leadership that has strong conservative views.  Just like the people and business around you in your everyday life that aren’t perfectly aligned with your morals and or flawed famous folks are no different.  If you not going to make a stand with the people and company, you encounter everyday sit down and reserve the high-level judgement.  Too many of us are holding famous folks and companies to standards we don’t live in our lives and businesses.

FIRE RANT: Why I’ve uninstalled TikTok Twice in 6 months

So, I recently briefly downloaded the Tiktok app for the second time in the past 6 months to see what all the fuss was about. While I admit that the concept of the app is indeed an idea that people appear to be interested in it, I’m not impressed with it. I think the reason a lot of these user content-based apps are thriving is because people looking for non-traditional realms of entertainment. People want to be able to control the narrative of what kind of entertainment is available to them and what better way to show than thru creating it yourself. The problem I have with Tiktok and sometimes Instagram is what is it truly leading people. People literally spends hours of their day trying to create videos on Tiktok that don’t matter. Who cares about you changing outfits or dancing to a song? How is that helping you achieving tangible goals in your career or help others? Folks are posting false lifestyles that they don’t live and others are killing themselves for digital clout.

In another corner of the triangle you got people thinking they are a god because they paid someone to give them followers on Instagram. I admit, I’ve done this before in the past and once you realize that you can easily buy followers, I’m talking under $50 dollars you start to wonder how many of these gurus do it. When you scroll thru comments sections of accounts with heavy followers and realize most of the comments are the same people post to post and or irrelevant comments that tells you most the people are authentic follows. I’m tired of the Instagram marketing kings/queens. I’ve actually tried a few of them and most of them don’t stack up when you need real marketing done for websites and or Amazon etc.

Lastly, in the final corner of the unholy trinity you have fools that live and breathe for the chance to put ugly comments on people’s posts. Folks will claim they had sed celebrity, athlete, or stranger but somehow will manage to be the first person commenting on a post and or frequent comment on multiple posts. If you don’t like the person or content get the heck off the page dummy! Find something or someone your more interested in. I’m not going to go seek out content on IG and Tiktok on how to be a Proud Boy. Nor am I going to go comment on one of their posts. I close by urging people to not spend all their time watching brainless videos on apps. Its easy to scroll without a purpose for hours and wonder where the time is gone. Make sure you allocate time to achieving your goals and spend time with people who really love you. By the way, I’ve now uninstalled Tiktok twice in 6 months and am doing just fine.