My Story


BIZZYJIMME.COM is a website started by James A. Washington IV.  The purpose of the site is to encourage people to reach their greatest potential in life and seek self-improvement regardless of whatever responsibilities you have in life.  The site strives to motivate people through offering consistent weekly content which includes life lessons, links to useful articles, word of the week, book reviews, and some original poetry.  Additionally, the site will detail my journey to create several business initiatives while still meeting my everyday demands. Links to my books and other content will be available.


Hardworker – Reliable – Resilent – Dedicated – Evolving – Improving are words I use to define myself.  I’m from the south side of Chicago growing up in the city and moving to the suburbs shortly before high school.  I went to college in Dayton, OH at University of Dayton where I had the opportunity to intern and co-op for in the construction, composite, automotive, and healthcare industries to pay for school.  During college I was also involved in National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), National Associate for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. – Gamma Theta Chapter.  I am a 2x University of Dayton graduate obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and master’s in Engineering Management.  I now work as a project managing engineer for a food and agricultural company in the Milwaukee area where I manages capital projects varying from several thousands to multi-million dollars in value.  I’ve been blessed to successfully execute over $50 million dollars worth of capital projects. However, despite my success I feel I can do more to maximize my potential in life.

I recently pushed a my first book in March 2020, The name of the book is Bizzy Jimme’s Secrets to Life Success: Be Unapologetically Great.  I also have another website,, which is a strength in numbers prayer approach for believers in Jesus Christ to share areas prayer. My ultimate goal is to become the first black NFL majority owner.


Life lessons and motivation from everyday human being perspective along with tools for self improvement.  We can control more in our lives than we give ourselves credit for.


You should visit this site and subscribe to it because I’m not some genius or person that was born rich.  I’m an engineer from Illinois that seeks to leave a legacy behind beyond what I can accomplish at a corporation.  I’ve done every job from house keeping, catering, odd jobs, purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, and much more so I can relate to pretty much anyone because I’ve worn multiple shoes.  I want to be unapologetically great!  I want those that have the desire for more to realize they can earn what they want in this life through persistence.


Challenge me! Let me know how I can help you, let’s stop living with whatifs and regrets!