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Episode 23 – Get Saved or Die Lyin God and You

Today’s podcast topic is topic is “Get Saved or Die Lyin”.  Let’s face it, many of us front like we are saved and are living for God, and we aren’t.  Behind closed doors we are just as sinful as the folks we judge and call ourselves better than.  We do good things for the crowd, say the right things to the pastor, are a savior at work, but our soul is rotten.  We walk around like we have time to play in multiple fields and on multiple teams.  Maybe we are proud, could careless, don’t think the antichrist is here yet, or are just plain ignorant.  However, no breathes we take and seconds we live are promised and nor can we control them.  Will we continue to live with hollow gestures that don’t match our souls, or will we truly believe in Christ?
  1. Episode 23 – Get Saved or Die Lyin
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  5. Episode 19 – Empathy
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  9. Episode 15 – Wicked Tongue
  10. Episode 14 – Doubt

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