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Episode 20 – Obedience God and You

Today’s podcast topic is “Obedience”.  Not succumbing to sin is obedience to God.  Living as the Bible tells us, following commandments, or even executing God’s will for us is obedience as well.  Picture having a straight line in front of you and the beginning represents your life.  Imagine there being various exits or turns you could take to divert off the straight line.  When we sin and or disobey God, we are taking random exits and turns that are straight.  Just like when driving, if you don’t follow direction and get off an exit too early or make one turn that’s incorrect it matters.  Sometimes a turn can guarantee you never get to a preferred destination.  Other times you must change your route completely or turn around to try to catch back up to where you were supposed to be.  The problem is we operate across time sometimes showing up to something late isn’t acceptable and someone else has grabbed the opportunity.  Other times doing what we want leads us to never get to where God intended.  There’s so many blessings and gifts that God has for us that we will never receive because we didn’t have the guts to follow his instructions.  Today, we will review what happens in situations in the Bible when Obedience was on the menu.
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