Business 101: Share Even When You Don’t Benefit

       Continuing the conversation from last week around idea generation; this week I want to push sharing with others.  Everything we come across won’t always benefit us.  However, there is nothing wrong with passing on information, a contact, or solution that may be helpful to someone in your circle.  Heck, you may come across job openings that aren’t for your field but maybe you have a friend or someone in your network that you know is looking.  The right thing to do is send the link or lead even it if takes some effort.  You can build good will with others and maybe even learn a little about another field thru finding out what is applicable to them and what isn’t.  Same for random ideas or contacts.  There’s nothing wrong with being a middleman or center of information.  Sharing information increases your value to others and strengthens your network even if you don’t directly benefit from what you are passing along.