Business 101: Always Collect Ideas

          Part of being a businessperson is coming up with ideas to execute.  This can be done formally by scheduling daily time to brainstorm ideas or holding think tanks with others.  Yet, ideas live by their own rules.  Meaning you never know when you might have one.  You could be exercising or in middle of church service and have a eureka moment.  The best advice I can give is do whatever you can to capture the bones of the idea.  In perfect scenario you could do a quick voice memo and explain it to yourself for later.  In real life, you probably will just have to scribble down a few words on some paper or type a quick memo on your phone.  I say all this to leave you with the charge of never letting an idea go uncaptured.  Every idea isn’t a million-dollar generator, but an uncollected idea is guaranteed to yield nothing for you.