Business 101: Exterminate Worthless Blog Comments

            This is lesson I just learned several weeks ago when talking to the marketing firm I do business with.  I encountered a situation where I noticed I had over 200 comments on one of my websites.  Most of the comments were spam for Viagra.  Good thing is that I set my site up to require me to approve all comments so none of these comments made it on the live website.  However, the downside is I had to read thru every comment and delete them.  Well, there’s a cheat code for that.  If you add certain words to your filter list, then comments that contain those words will be automatically rejected.  This will eliminate you from having to waste time reading them.  All you have to do is come up with a list of blacklist words to filter and or do quick search online for common blacklist words.  This will have you well on your way to exterminating lousy comments from your website.