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If I Ruled the World – 3rd Party Home Showings

When it comes to home appraisals it’s not hard to read or hear about horror stories where people didn’t get fair value on their home due to discriminatory practices.  Situations where if an Asian man shows his house to an appraiser versus his white friend doing it the home value calculated by the appraiser differed $30K.  Folks, that’s straight forward discrimination.  In an ideal world, home sellers wouldn’t have to worry about terrible and predatory practices like this.  However, this is America and we’ve learned in the post Obama days that discrimination and racism is as alive as it’s ever been in some instances.  Therefore, we are either putting the burden on home sellers to home they get an honest appraiser, hope they have a white friend to show their house, or just deal with under appraisals.  Well, if I ruled the world there would be another way to combat this.  I would require someone that isn’t the home seller to show the home when it get appraised.  It would be the responsibility of the realtor or some new company that works with realtors to show homes.  The money to pay for these folks would just become part of the home selling process.  I think the small fee it would take to charge someone to provide this service would be nothing to the thousands of dollars that would be added in value from fair home appraising.