If I Ruled the World – Give Congressional Leaders Incentives for Passing Legislation

So, this week my rant will kind of be adjacent to last week’s stance on taking pay from congress to align with government shutdowns.  I propose giving congressional leaders incentives for passing legislation.  If I ruled the world every piece of legislation that congressed passed that would be substantial would yield monetary bonus.  Monetary bonus would be in the form of their retirement pensions maybe yearly figure, and it would be taxed at the highest tax rate.  Whether something is deemed as substantial would be categorized as legislation that is provides a new functionality, service, or benefit that doesn’t already exists.  For example, renewing something that is about to expire wouldn’t count.  Neither would rolling back something that previous administration passed.  The amount of the bonus per bill would be anywhere from half to 1% of someone’s salary.  The percentage would be voted on during presidential election years.  Lastly, this would be funded by unclaimed tax returns so everyone wins.