Business 101: Maximize Yourself, Improve Your Health

One thing we can’t take for granted as business minded individuals is our health.  It doesn’t matter how successful your business is or how great your product or service will be if you aren’t around to experience it.  Yes, you don’t have to be in Top Model shape to have achievements as a businessperson, but it doesn’t hurt.  The main reason why I encourage you to improve your health is because any second or minute of time you’re our sick, at the doctor, worried about your health, or dead is a minute you aren’t devoting your attention to your business empire.  For example, when I have throbbing headaches, I’m probably not working on writing articles for this site or knocking out my to do list for the week.  If you are overeating and constantly snacking, you are breaking up brain synergy every time you get up from your workstation and return.  A lot of the illnesses we have from this country are behavior based like smoking, drinking, eating a diet heavy in sugar, red meat, and salt.  Sooner or later the bill is do on your health.  Is much easier to maintain weight than to lose it.  You can put the time in on the front end to eat the right things and exercise.  Or you can make constant doctor’s visits, take prescriptions, and suffer thru surgeries when its more expensive on the back end.  If you aren’t at your best when you have the flu or sore throat how do you think you are going to feel if you are battling high blood pressure, cancer, or other ailments.  Do yourself and your business a favor and make your health matter so that the blood and sweat you put into your business matters.