FIRE RANT: Nightmare NBA Finals Matchup?

I must admit that I’m relieved to see two unique teams compete in the NBA Finals for the 2020-2021 Championship.  However, a lot of folks have be groaning the whole playoffs as front running teams that have more universal appeal like the Lakers, Knicks, Heat, etc. have been getting eliminated.  I’m losing zero sleep over Lebron and Lakers not being in NBA Finals.  I believe that even without Anthony Davis the Lakers still had better roster than the Phoenix Suns and made excuses for not defeating them with an injured Chris Paul.  I’m also delighted to see that the New Jersey Nets weren’t able to buy a championship with their 3 headed monster of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden.  The Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks are both really good teams and earned the opportunity.  There shouldn’t be an asterisk next to the championship.  Just like people didn’t feel compelled to put an asterisk next to the Lakers’ bubble championship last season.  If Suns win, I believe it would be the first championship for the team and for “Point God”, Chris Paul.  If Bucks win if would be a great story as well of smaller market superstar like Giannis Antetokounmpo staying with the team he was drafted by and leading them to championship without leaving elsewhere to create a super team.  That’s something folks like Lebron James and Kevin Durant can’t claim.  So again, zero problem with Suns vs Bucks for NBA championship this year and I will be viewing.

If I Ruled the World: NBA Play-In Games Permanently Implemented

Several high profiles NBA players have spoken out against the NBA play-in games.  Mainly because it forces teams to not rest and tank the last 25% or so games of the season.  The point of the play-in games for the final two NBA playoff spots to be up for grabs via a few extra games at conclusion of regular season.  As a result, teams to have less incentive to trade away players and give up their seasons because they have a longer chance to still clinch the playoffs.  Additionally, if a team had an injured player during the season, it gives them more leeway to still be in the alive in playoff race.  I liked the fact that the last few weeks of the season you didn’t know who was going to make the playoffs.  I was checking the NBA standing on daily basis and I’m not even a big basketball fan.  Nor do I have a team I personally root for anymore.  If I were the commissioner of the NBA and or had vote on the future of the play-in tournament I would keep it as a permanent fixture of the league.