If I Ruled the World: NFL Heading Coach Hiring Schedule

The process for hiring a new NFL head coach when your previous one has failed is a mess.  So, I’ve put some thought behind how I would improve the process.  First off, the idea that candidates have to get permission to interview for promotions is a joke.  The fact that candidates on NFL playoffs teams can only interview in limited windows and can’t be hired until their team is eliminated isn’t fair.  The league is basically rewarding teams that fail with first dibs at supplying candidates.  The playoff teams that probably have the most promising candidates basically get the leftover opportunities.  Here’s what I would look to do.

  • Teams must allow a candidate that a team is interested in to apply and be interviewed for a job.
    • If a team prevents someone from applying and or interviewing, they will have to give the candidate a promotion.
  • Whatever decision a team grants on allowing a candidate to interview or not stands for all interested teams.
    • For example, the Bears can’t say that their offensive coordinator can’t interview for Green Bay Packers’ head coaching job but say yes to identical opportunity with Cleveland Browns.
  • No teams can interview candidates for jobs until after super bowl is over.

Nothing groundbreaking with these 3 simple changes.  At same time, I think if these rules were implemented the better candidates would get opportunities and it would create more even playing feel for candidates and teams.


Like most fans I’m observing what’s going on with the Deshaun Watson situation and not quite clear what to make of it.  On one hand I find it fishy that out of nowhere allegation after allegation is be made against him.  Why now and not before?  The quarterback has been petitioning for a divorce from the Houston Texans the past several months.  He had a stellar reputation from the outside and now all the sudden on the eve of NFL free agency a week ago the first of many sexual allegations was made against him.  Plaintiff lawyer says that they approached Watson and his attorney recently before going public for a settlement, but they refused.  One would think that if a person wasn’t guilty that’s exactly the way they would approach a perceived extortion attempt.  Watson himself, even denied the claims when they first came out earlier in the week.  However, as each additional alleged victim comes forward, they chip away at the likelihood that Watson is completely innocent.  Could 7 or more women that came forward on this all be lying? At some point probability kicks in.  Could this really be who Watson is and Texans simply stopped protecting him as a retaliation for him trying to force his way out?  I’ve noticed that as the claims have piled up, we no longer hear him shouting denials though that could be for legal reasons.  My prediction at this point is we’ll hear some story about how Watson didn’t know he offended anyone or that the activity was consensual.  He’ll be apologetic for unintentionally offending the women.  Or maybe the women will get paid off to go away.  Unfortunately, lastly damage has been done.  Even if all the women were lying people will still find a way to use this incident to hurt his character.  The only people I’ve seen that appear to have shaken off sexual based crime allegations successfully is Donald Trump and Robert Kraft.  Success meaning the allegations not defining them.  Yes, Kobe Bryant went on to great things for example but even when the man died tragically folks made sure to remind people of the rape situation.  Whatever the consequences, I just hope the truth comes out.