no shame

Business 101: No Shame in Diversified Work Experiences

              Continuing the topic from last week I will share more tips on the benefits of operating outside your comfort zone.  This time from a professional lens.  In my life, I’ve had the privilege of working across many different industries.  Prior to college my first official regular job was a housekeeper at an assisted living facility.  In addition to that, I launched my own lawn service and did odd jobs around the neighborhood.  I held all 3 jobs until I went away for college.  During college, I did engineering co-ops and internships in construction, composites, pharmaceutical, automotive, and paper industries.  At the same time, I worked on campus in catering, cafeteria, coffee shop, gym janitor, and as a resident assistant.  I even put out a rap mixtape and sold copies of that.  Present day, I’ve been working in food industry for years and have blogs, apps, a book, and podcast as my side industry hustles.  Each industry and job I held gave me something I can carry with me later in life.  Whether it was the strength of composites versus regular steel, importance of commitment when cutting lawns, surviving in a dying paper industry, or how everything that is produced requires packaging in my automotive co-op.  The varied experiences have allowed me to have versatile core and provided me confidence in jumping into unfamiliar opportunities.  I challenge you to learn about different industries.  Furthermore, I encourage you to not turn people away when hiring or interacting with folks that don’t have similar experiences to what you are used to.  We don’t learn much when everyone around us and the people that work with us are all the same.