Life Lesson: Kill the double standard in your relationships

Over the years society has placed more emphasis on everyone getting equal treatment and pay regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or age.  However, we don’t always carry that over to our relationships.  I was recently made aware in my own life that I held my wife to standard that I myself wasn’t always following.  I would get angry and confront my wife about not following rules in the house hold as it related to finances when I was a hypocrite.  It wasn’t until I looked at things from her point of view that I realized that my double standard was probably the reason for her actions.  Once I sat and talked with her my assumptions were correct.  I found that when I admitted my faults and said we would both treat finances a certain way that she was more passionate than I was about the future.


Life Lesson: Strengthen your relationship core


While many times chasing dominance in your life will lead to lonely moments you still need to develop and keep up relationships.  Meaning your need to decide what family, friends, and business contacts will be a part of your base circle.  As you grow throughout your career you need to have a group of relationship to depend on that you know are authentic.  Make it a part of your life to stay in regular contact with people in your circle whether it’s an email, text, phone call, or social media interaction.