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FIRE RANT: No Vaccine, No Problem, Where a Mask though

So, this week I continue my spitting my venom at covid-19 related topics.  I believe that in this country given all the other rights we have been given that its not okay to force citizens to get something injected to their bodies.  I would simply think that folks would act in their best interest and take something that enhances their chances of survival.  However, my assumptions certainly don’t speak for everyone.  My issue is that non-vaccinated folks aren’t holding up their end of the bargain.  People don’t want to get vaccinated BUT don’t want to wear masks either.  I know this because again half the population is roughly vaccinated supposedly but when I go to the grocery store 80% of people are mask-less.  When I view sporting events on TV and see packed stadiums majority of people are mask-less.  Everyone without a mask isn’t vaccinated or covid-19 negative.  If you aren’t interested in getting vaccinated, fine but be accountable and wear a mask!  If you don’t feel you have to do anything but wake up and live, your just selfish as hell.  God have mercy on your soul.  If you get sick I have little to no sympathy for you.